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Medrux Gloves

Your #1 Preferred Brand When It Comes To Disposable Gloves

High quality medical & industrial grade gloves

We have years of experience in medical devices. We started MEDRUX to provide an easy way for organizations to purchase high quality latex, & nitrile gloves. MEDRUX focuses on developing and producing high quality latex and nitrile gloves to meet the international standard. We work hard to develop strong working relationships with our network of Distribution Partners to provide a complete one-stop-shop service for their disposable glove requirements, allowing us to provide continuous great service and high quality products to end users around the world. Customer excellence has always been a top priority and it always will be. Thus, we make sure you get 100% satisfactory serviced.

One-Stop Sourcing

Save Time – Flexibility – Fast Services – Tailored Orders – Access to varieties of manufacturers and suppliers

High-End Customer Support

Sustainable Relationship – We Take The Time To Find Out Customers’ Expectations – Provide The Best Solution – Profitable Relationship

We Work With Variety of Glove Material

Latex Powdered Gloves – Latex Powder-free Gloves – Nitrile Powdered Gloves – Nitrile Powder-free Gloves

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Strict quality guidelines are applied to our internal SOPs in order to deliver world-class gloves.

Committed Team Towards Quality
5+ Years Experience in Medical Field

Our commitment to quality starts at the very beginning.
From the time we begin sourcing gloves to the time we deliver it to you.

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