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Elevate your ROI by discovering the profit potential of disposable gloves!

Seize the opportunity to enhance your product line and capitalize on the growing demand for high-quality disposable gloves.

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Elevate your ROI by discovering the profit potential of disposable gloves!

Expand your offerings with Medrux disposable gloves and see your profits soar! We’re already active in 10 countries and eager to enter your market. Disposable gloves are a consistently growing industry, promising steady growth for your business. Interested? Don’t hesitate—contact our experts today and seize this opportunity!

One-Stop Sourcing

Save Time – Flexibility – Fast Services – Tailored Orders – Access to varieties of glove ranges and types

High-End Customer Support

Sustainable Relationship – We Take The Time To Find Out Customers’ Expectations – Provide The Best Solution – Profitable Relationship

We Work With Variety of Glove Material

Latex Powdered Gloves – Latex Powder-free Gloves – Nitrile Powder-free Gloves

Customer Retention

With our win-win mentality, we forego short-term and work towards long-term partnership successes in order to generate the greatest possible synergy effects.

What Type of Gloves We Specialize in?

Heavy Duty Work Gloves

Medrux PRO's heavy-duty nitrile gloves are latex-free, powder-free, and designed for safety and efficiency across multiple industries, featuring a diamond-etched grip, high visibility, and durable beaded cuffs in a 100-count box.

Latex Examination Gloves

Our premium Latex gloves feature advanced materials for superior dexterity and grip, enhanced comfort to reduce fatigue, and beaded cuffs for durability, making them ideal for medical and industrial use.

Nitrile Examination Gloves

Our premium iris blue Nitrile gloves are latex-free, puncture-resistant, and designed for optimal tactile sensitivity and durability in medical and industrial settings, featuring beaded cuffs to prevent tearing.

Surgical Gloves

Our MEDRUX surgical gloves combine a soft, robust design with anatomical formers for comfort and reduced fatigue, shaped for sensitivity, and specially cleaned to minimize allergy risks, tested for safety with chemotherapy drugs and various chemicals.

Aloe vera Nitrile Gloves

Our gloves are enhanced with an Aloe Vera coating to soothe and moisturize skin, feature textured fingertips for superior tactile sensitivity, and provide robust barrier protection against bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. Manufactured under rigorous ISO standards.

Our Best-selling Products

Certificates & Awards

Medrux Gloves has proven high standards in production, quality accreditation in its many internationally-recognized Certificates as well as being recognized with many distinctive Awards.


Get Competitive Price, Fast Service and Superb Quality

Quality, price & shipping on time is what makes MEDRUX a great choice as your glove supplier.

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As one of the leading disposable glove company in Malaysia, our main focus is ALWAYS ON OUR CUSTOMERS – whoever they maybe, from government to private sectors, end-user to distributors, medical to industrial users. We practice the most stringent quality control with the most competitive price to be able to support our various kinds of customers.

We protect our end-users with gloves that provide barrier against harmful substance & we support our distributors/wholesalers/retailers with the most competitive price, allowing them to have an edge and better margin in their respective market.

We support our distributor with any material they need in their glove business – from samples to marketing materials to any documents related, to support them in their business. We are TRANSPARENT in what we do. We have in-house experts open for consultation and published articles HERE, to give them extra knowledge in gloves.

Our due diligence has been perfected in order for us to NOT MISS any glove-related information.

Our samples are Free-Of-Charge (FOC). Let us know the samples you would like to receive, provide us with your address & and we would arrange & have the samples couriered to you accordingly.

Mode of payment depends on the quantity of your order. However, generally our mode of payment follows the industry standard. We offer 50-50 payment terms, in which 50% deposit to start the production with remaining balance of 50% to be paid after product is completed.

Depends on the readiness of our gloves. When ‘ready-stock’ are available, it takes15 days for it to be ready to be packed and loaded in the container. When a product is on a pre-order basis, it would take 25 days for the product to be ready.