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Our article will take you on a short journey to understand more about wholesale black nitrile gloves.


  • Black nitrile gloves’ best features?
  • What is black nitrile wholesale? By going through the following:
  • The benefits of black nitrile wholesale
  •  Black nitrile gloves wholesale across different industries.

And after that, we will give more insight into how to choose the best supplier for black nitrile gloves wholesale in

  • Tips and tricks to select the best black nitrile gloves wholesale supplier
  •  MEDRux… A reputable Nitrile gloves wholesale manufacturer

Finally, if you’re looking for quick access to black nitrile gloves wholesale, you can get your quote here.

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Black nitrile gloves’ best features?

Black nitrile gloves are made of acrylonitrile and butadiene copolymers and were available in the 1990s. And they are well-known for their best features.

With reports about latex allergies worldwide and in various fields (1), they were developed to be a safer alternative for people with latex allergies.


Nitrile is free of natural latex proteins; it doesn’t trigger allergies.

Black nitrile gloves were made because people wanted a unique colored glove that protected them while looking more professional and stylish.

And what is more elegant than black?

Manufacturers added carbon black dye to nitrile to create these professional and distinctive black nitrile gloves.

Afterward, black nitrile gloves wholesale became a standard in many industries due to the incredible features they offered their customers.

Let’s take a look at them.

  • Easier visibility

Due to their enhanced visibility, you can easily detect powders and suspicious materials with black nitrile gloves

This is useful for law enforcement, mail handlers, and postal workers.

Moreover, if your gloves are punctured or have tears, the holes are easy to detect, making them a more reliable source of protection.

  • Professional look

The black color can easily disguise dirt, grime, oils, stains, and blood. Therefore, help you maintain a clean, professional appearance.

  • Strength and durability

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber that provides excellent strength and durability.

  • Protection against microorganisms

Black nitrile gloves offer excellent protection against microorganisms and bloodborne pathogens.

  • Chemical resistance

Black nitrile gloves offer exceptional chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals.

  • Puncture and tear resistance

They have 3-5 times the latex gloves’ puncture and tear resistance and superior protection against cuts, bruises, and lacerations.

  • Elasticity and touch sensitivity

These gloves have great touch and tactile sensitivity, making them suitable for precise procedures.

  • Comfortable

They are soft, flexible, and comfortable, making them suitable for long periods.

  • Waterproof and heat-resistant

Nitrile gloves resist water absorption in addition to withstanding a wide range of temperatures.

  • Long shelf life

They have a longer shelf life of 5 years or more; they can be kept in bulk storage for a long time in the proper storage conditions.

  • Easy to put on and take off

They can be quickly taken off and put on without needing powder; they are coated with polymers or through chlorination to make them softer, less tacky, and suitable for frequent changes.

  • Different thicknesses

Most medical-grade black nitrile gloves come in 4-5 mils, while industrial grades are below 6–8 mils.

  • Enhanced grip

Black nitrile gloves are available in different textured patterns on the palm, fingers, or whole glove for added grip that can work in wet and dry conditions.

  • Different types

Black nitrile gloves are available in industrial grade and medical grade; powdered and powder-free alternatives are available.

For all these reasons, black nitrile gloves wholesale is a niche everyone is racing to join.

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If you want to find out more about it, keep reading.

What is Black Nitrile wholesale?

In 2022, the global glove market is estimated at USD 6.55 billion and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% from 2023 to 2030 (2).

Accordingly, black nitrile gloves wholesale is part of this growth, and everyone wants a piece of the cake.

So, what is black nitrile glove wholesale purchasing, and how does it differ from regular retail purchasing?

Let’s find out.

Black nitrile gloves wholesale is buying large quantities of black nitrile gloves at once directly from a manufacturer or supplier at a discounted price.

Wholesalers usually buy in cases or pallets and then may distribute or sell to retailers and other businesses.

In other words, a wholesaler is a critical link between manufacturers, suppliers, and different businesses and organizations.

This differs from regular retail purchasing in several ways, including the volume, the pricing, and the purpose of black nitrile gloves.

To explain, in retail purchasing, individuals and small businesses buy gloves in smaller quantities, often in boxes or packages, at regular fixed prices per unit.

On the other hand, black nitrile gloves wholesale pricing is offered at a discount rate, which also depends on the volume you are purchasing.

The more gloves you purchase, the lower the price per glove you get.

This is a massive advantage because it allows you to negotiate lower prices per unit, unlike retail purchasing, which has little to no room for this negotiation.

Additionally, black nitrile gloves wholesale purchasing is beneficial for businesses and organizations that need gloves regularly in large quantities, such as food factories and services, automotive shops, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Meanwhile, black nitrile gloves retail purchasing is usually for individuals and small businesses who may only need black nitrile gloves for personal or occasional use.

The bottom line:

When purchasing black nitrile gloves wholesale, you get large quantities directly from the manufacturer or supplier at discounted prices, which you can then sell or distribute to businesses and organizations that need black nitrile gloves regularly.

This differs from retail purchasing, usually made by small businesses or individuals for small quantities and at fixed, regular prices that are not typically negotiable.

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Let’s learn more about the wholesale benefits of black nitrile gloves and why you should buy black nitrile gloves in bulk!

What are the benefits of Black Nitrile wholesale?

Black nitrile gloves are widely popular in different industries, such as healthcare, automotive, tattooing and beauty salons, agricultural or pesticide applications, and food processing.

These industries include various processes and tasks that require wearing gloves daily and more than one pair of gloves daily.

Therefore, black nitrile gloves wholesale is an essential part of them.

When buying black nitrile gloves wholesale, there are several benefits you can enjoy, such as

  1. Cost and time-saving
  2. Consistent supply
  3. Varied Inventory
  4. Convenience

Let’s get into each of them in detail.

  • Cost and time-saving

One of the most common myths about black nitrile gloves is that they’re expensive.

And yes, nitrile may not be as cheap to produce as vinyl and may be more expensive than other materials.

Nevertheless, black nitrile gloves are cost-saving if purchased in bulk.

Let’s illustrate: nitrile is an artificial substance, so glove prices are somehow more stable than latex because they’re not subjected to changes in climate and weather or increases due to heavy rains in Malaysia that may prevent the harvesting of natural rubber sometimes.

So, whether you purchase black nitrile gloves wholesale or retail, the prices of nitrile gloves may not be as much of an issue as when they first appeared.

On the contrary, they are now as affordable as latex and even vinyl gloves.

When buying black nitrile gloves wholesale, you are offered bulk pricing discounts for larger orders, which means you can save money on each pair of gloves.

Accordingly, this can save money in the long run compared to purchasing in smaller quantities at retail prices.

Moreover, you get the benefit of negotiating prices and getting the best price for your business, which reduces expenses and increases your profit margin over time.

Moreover, its durability and longer shelf-life make it a cost-effective way to purchase large quantities.

However, it’s important to highlight some potential drawbacks to wholesale black nitrile gloves, including the financial risk you may be taking.

Nevertheless, if you have a well-studied plan and target, you don’t need to worry much about this.

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  • Consistent Supply

The average box of black nitrile gloves typically has 100 gloves, meaning that a few monthly boxes from a retailer may be good enough for personal use but not for large businesses.

Moreover, most retailers don’t allow wholesale purchases and have fixed prices.

That’s why you have a consistent supply when you purchase black nitrile gloves wholesale.

Consequently, this guarantees you won’t run out of gloves and even save money.


When you keep reordering because you are out of stock, this creates additional administrative work, delays, and interruptions in operations, adding extra hassle and cost.

By purchasing black nitrile gloves wholesale, you can control your inventory levels according to your needs and ensure you have enough gloves to meet the demand of your customers.

This keeps your business running, improves efficiency, and reduces the time and cost associated with reordering.

Moreover, it keeps your customers’ trust; they can rely on you anytime they need to order, no matter what.

This is especially important in critical times, like in the latest pandemic, COVID-19, when many retail suppliers faced a massive shortage of gloves, while suppliers depending on black nitrile gloves wholesale didn’t face this problem easily.

When buying black nitrile gloves wholesale, you are safeguarded against market changes and can consistently deliver on time when customers request.

And that is one way to gain confidence and good relations with your customers, thereby building a good reputation.

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  • Varied Inventory

People don’t realize the significant variations they can have when they get black nitrile gloves wholesale.

To illustrate, wholesalers offer a more comprehensive range of sizes, styles, and types of black nitrile gloves compared to retail stores.

This can benefit industries requiring specific types of gloves or particular requirements, such as thickness, powder-free, accelerator-free, medical grade, etc., to meet safety regulations or other standards and preferences.

When you purchase black nitrile gloves wholesale, you have better access to a varied inventory.

If you need different types of nitrile gloves for your business, you can order your nitrile gloves wholesale here.

  • Convenience

Usually, a wholesale supplier has an organized ordering process and can offer faster delivery times.

Moreover, many offer online ordering options, making it easy to order and purchase black nitrile gloves wholesale, save time and effort, and travel or go to physical stores to get gloves and close deals.

Moreover, when you buy black nitrile gloves wholesale, you benefit from a choice of shipping methods.

You can get your quote for nitrile gloves wholesale online with the most competitive prices and different shipping methods here.

In conclusion,

Purchasing black nitrile gloves wholesale has significant benefits, including reducing costs and improving efficiency and profitability.

In addition to increasing the availability of a wide range of styles and sizes, it can offer a plentiful supply that safeguards you against market changes and saves you from the hassle of frequently reordering.

With various online options and shipping methods, buying black nitrile gloves wholesale saves effort, time, and money.

Black nitrile gloves wholesale can be a cost-effective and convenient solution for your business needs.

Now let’s see how wholesale black nitrile gloves can be used in many industries.

Black nitrile gloves wholesale across different industries

Due to their superior strength, durability, and resistance to punctures, tears, and chemicals, black nitrile gloves are a popular choice for enterprises.

Let’s look at some industries that can use black nitrile gloves wholesale.

  • Healthcare

Doctors and nurses use gloves as part of their infection control strategy to prevent cross-contamination and infections and to protect themselves and their patients.

They are also used by dentists, dental hygienists, nurse assistants, lab workers, and technicians.

Furthermore, they can be used in double-gloving surgery to detect if the top gloves are torn or punctured easily.

Hence, they allow you to change them quickly and prevent further damage to the inner gloves, keeping you protected, preventing the spread of bacteria, and saving you from harmful chemicals or bloodborne pathogens, which can significantly reduce the infection rate. (3) (4)

In addition, it is used to protect workers against punctures and cuts from needles and sharp tools.

With frequent changes and high demand, black nitrile gloves wholesale is highly recommended for healthcare facilities.

  • Food Industry

Wearing gloves is essential in manufacturing, cooking, handling food, and food-serving processes.

Black nitrile gloves offer a snug fit and are easier to don and doff, which is required for frequent changes.

Moreover, they protect the wearer against cuts and lacerations caused by knives and other sharp tools.

Moreover, they reduce the risk of cross-contamination when used as part of the color-coding system.

They’re also stain-resistant, so chefs worldwide prefer them because they make you look clean and professional.

Moreover, they come in handy around hot surfaces due to their excellent heat resistance.

With many tasks and processes and frequent changes of gloves in the food industry, black nitrile wholesale gloves are a practical and cost-effective option.

  • Automotive industry

Mechanics always work with chemicals, oils, grease, and grime.

They keep their hands clean and protected when they wear black nitrile gloves.

It also prevents mechanical injuries from cuts with sharp tools, chemical burns from battery acids and other chemicals, and handling hot surfaces and oils.

Moreover, black offers them a professional, clean look by hiding the grime and dirt.

Black nitrile gloves wholesale is part of the automotive industry, especially in large mechanic shops and factories.

  • Cleaning and janitorial work

Using black nitrile gloves in cleaning and janitorial work protects your hands against chemicals, bleaches, and household detergents.

Moreover, they keep your hands dry, clean, and healthy, especially if they are in frequent contact with water.

Therefore, wholesale black nitrile gloves can greatly benefit cleaning and janitorial companies.

In conclusion, black nitrile gloves wholesale can benefit various fields and industries, so how can you know you’re getting the best black nitrile gloves wholesale for your clients?

We’ve got you covered.

Here are some tips for choosing the best black nitrile glove wholesale supplier:

Directions and Tricks to the Best Black Nitrile Glove Wholesale Supplier

Finding a reputable wholesale supplier isn’t easy; you can’t just pick any supplier to purchase your black nitrile gloves wholesale from.

As we mentioned before, black nitrile gloves wholesale can be cost-effective; however, if you don’t choose them right, it may be a tremendous financial risk that costs you a lot.

Let’s give you some tips and tricks to help you find a reliable black nitrile glove wholesale supplier.

  • Understand your customer’s needs.

It’s important to know which industry you will be working with and how many fields you may distribute to because black nitrile gloves wholesale may differ from one sector to another according to its preferences and needs.

So, ensure you understand your customers’ needs and requirements, what industry they work in, what tasks they perform, and what expected hazards they may face.

This will help you identify the right black nitrile gloves wholesale.

  • Do you research

Proper research is the key to almost everything.

You can start by searching for black nitrile gloves wholesale suppliers online.

You may also ask for help and referrals from friends or colleagues in the same field.

Additionally, look for companies and manufacturers specializing in black nitrile gloves and having good reputations in the glove world.

Moreover, reviews and ratings from customers and clients can give you a good insight into suppliers’ quality and customer service.

  • Choose a supplier with a wide range of options

Your clients usually won’t only need one type.

Make sure you select a supplier with multiple options, such as powder and powder-free variations, industrial grade, medical grade, and, most importantly, a wide range of sizes.

So you don’t have to tire yourself working with multiple suppliers or manufacturers.

  • Compare prices

Pricing is a significant factor when it comes to black nitrile gloves wholesale.

That’s why you must get reasonable and fair prices for the best quality.

  • Check for certifications

Ensure the black nitrile gloves wholesale supplier is certified by trusted and relevant organizations such as the FDA, CDC, ASTM, and ISO.

This means that they offer products that comply with relevant standards and regulations.

In addition, make sure the gloves have the specific certifications, safety standards, and testing needed in the country you are distributing them in, like CE marking or other relevant testing.

  • Ask about shipping and delivery times.

It’s essential that your supplier or manufacturer can deliver your order promptly and efficiently.

So, be prepared with estimated delivery times, shipping methods, and costs to avoid obstacles or conflicts.

  • Ask for Samples

“If you never try, you never know,” they say.

Before ordering black nitrile gloves wholesale, ask for a sample from the manufacturer to try the gloves and test the fit, durability, and comfort to ensure they meet your customer’s needs.

Moreover, this can let you check for defects, such as holes or tears, to ensure that these gloves offer suitable protection and meet your quality expectations.

  • Check MOQ

MOQ is the minimum order quantity.

Make sure that the manufacturer has an MOQ that fits your needs and budget, so you don’t order much more than you need.

  • Look for customer support.

Choosing a supplier with reliable customer support will make things easier if you face any trouble with your order.

Ensure your black nitrile gloves supplier or manufacturer has a customer service team to answer your questions and concerns.

In conclusion,

You must first understand your customers ‘ needs to find the best gloves wholesale.

Then you do thorough research about a reputable, certified supplier that offers quality black nitrile gloves at competitive prices that match your customers’ needs.

You may also ask for MOQ, certifications, and free samples of the gloves so you can test the quality yourself.

At MEDRux, you can get a free-of-charge sample of high-quality nitrile gloves.

Tell us more about why you should order your nitrile gloves from MEDrux.

MEDRux …A Reputable Nitrile gloves wholesale manufacturer

MEDRux is part of the Malaysian industry, known to be the best and the biggest glove supplier worldwide, with a strong track record of high-quality assurance standards. (5)

With years of experience in the gloves industry, we provide an easy way for organizations to purchase high-quality nitrile gloves wholesale and allow distributors to expand their portfolio and maximize their profit.

Additionally, we are serving actively in 10 countries, offering the highest-quality end-products that comply with global standards.

To explain, every one of MEDRUX’s products is manufactured in ISO and FDA-certified factories in Malaysia to the highest standards of the industry with extraordinary dedication and meticulous quality assurance and control.

MEDRux not only offers high-end quality gloves but also comes with the most competitive prices to support the market with different modes of payment.

You can find our purchasing guide here.

We care about our suppliers, wholesalers, and end-users as well.

Therefore, we work hard to develop working relationships with our network of distribution partners; we take time to find out your expectations and work with due diligence to meet them.

Moreover, we can offer scheduled Zoom meetings to discuss your inquiries and learn more about your preferences.

Part of the MEDRUX family culture is being fast and accurate.

We make sure you get the highest-quality gloves you need at the time you want.

Additionally, you can get a free-of-charge sample and quality guarantee to touch, see, and feel the protection before you purchase the bulk you may need.

Our primary focus is our customers, and we always want to ensure you get 100% satisfactory service.
That’s why we have experts for consultations; you can ask any question related to disposable gloves, and we will answer you immediately. 

In conclusion,

If you’re looking for high quality, competitive prices, and excellent service for your next black nitrile gloves wholesale
At MEDRUX, we provide excellent service and excellent quality to create long-term relationships.

You get tailored orders with access to various glove ranges and types for different needs.

You get it fast, with free samples and quality guarantees!

What’s not to love? We’re waiting for you to make your order and be part of the MEDRux family!

We hope the journey was fun and informative, and now you can decide about wholesale black nitrile gloves.


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