A Practical Guide to Car Wash Gloves; Choosing The Best Supplier

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Are you working in a place that provides a car wash service?

Or it’s the weekend, and its time to give your car a good cleaning wash in preparation for the new week! So, you are ready now to head to your wardrobe to pick up your cleansing products that will give a magical touch to your car, but did you get your gloves?

Wait…Should I get one? The short answer is YES!  

You should wear gloves in order to protect your hands from cleansing products that usually have an adverse effect on your hands, especially if you use them frequently.

So by now, you should be thinking more about

what type of gloves should I wear?

why should I wear gloves?

how dangerous are the car wash cleansing products?

And many other questions, such as which is more good gloves or mittens in terms of breathability, mobility, and in many terms.

Actually, we can help you by providing the information you are looking for, as in this article, we will provide a practical guide to car wash gloves and how to choose the best supplier.

All you need to do is to continue reading and ask us in the comment section if you need further information. Keep reading!

Let’s start with why should I wear gloves?

The skin is composed of several layers where the outer layer called epidermis that is featured with its porous composition.

Therefore, the layer’s permeability allows the absorption of many chemicals during your washing your car, just same as how your skin absorbs lotions.

Although it might seem that the concentration of these chemicals is too low to pose an adverse effect on the skin, it has been proven that they have a profound influence on the skin.

Whether the chemical effect appears immediately or not, this is dependent on many factors, ranging from the amount absorbed into the epidermis, the duration of contact, and the physical state and health of the skin.

As a result, injury reports range from toxicity owing to the absorption of these chemicals via the skin and their transfer to the blood stream.

Other reports include many skin dermatitis cases as a result, gloves are needed during car washing.

To what extent the car wash cleansing products dangerous and toxic?

Actually, I did not imagine how dangerous and toxic these products until I have found injury cases reported by the CDC due to the presence of Hydrofluoric acid (HF) in the car wash cleansing products.

Consequently, injuries range from fatal toxicity effect to chemical burns that defined by the burns unit as a third degree burn. Moreover, it has been

It has been stated by the CDC that the study summarizes the death of a truck wash worker due to ingestion of an HF-based wash chemical, as well as 48 occupational HF burn incidents connected with vehicle and truck washing in Washington State.

Two of the seven hospitalized workers underwent surgery, and all but one returned to work. Among 48 injured workers, job titles were primarily auto detailer, car wash worker, truck wash worker, and truck driver.

The problem does not actually end at this level but continue because;

“When a worker suffers a preventable injury on the job as a result of inadequate training or because the employer neglected to inform his staff that hazardous and harmful substances were being utilized, the worker may be eligible to file a personal injury claim.”

Actually, this might be in addition to workers’ compensation claims, which are normally applicable in the instance of a worker who is injured on the job.

So, how can I protect myself?

In fact, many industrial enterprises have begun to look for HF replacements since HF exposure may be harmful to one’s health.

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that the hands are one of the most prevalent body segments that are affected not just by HF but also by a variety of other chemicals that produce severe skin dermatitis.

As a result, it is advised that you use appropriate gloves for this task.

So, what type of gloves should I wear while car washing task?

Actually, there are many types of gloves that you might be questioning what is the best one to choose for the car washing task but first you should know what are the main features for the best car washing glove. Here are the main five features;

1. High chemical resistant

As previously mentioned, car washing products are composed of dangerous chemicals; therefore, your gloves’ capacity to withstand heavy duty when it comes to prolonged exposure to chemicals that pose an adverse effect on the glove.

Moreover, they should have the ability to provide high protection levels against a wide range of chemicals.

2. High dexterity level

A glove that gives both hand protection and tactile sensitivity is precisely what car wash glove users should be looking for!

Some gloves are made of thin materials that ideally give great sensitivity, as well as excellent durability, strength, and most importantly, a high level of comfort.

So, your glove should provide a level of dexterity. Therefore, you should look for a thin yet very strong fabric.

3. High temperature resistance & waterproof

Your glove should completely waterproof! Your glove should fully satisfy these criteria in order to provide high protection level.

In fact, there are many gloves can be worn alone or beneath typical work gloves and I will provide an example for these gloves below. Keep reading!

Moreover, your glove should be able to tolerate different temperature range without melting or becoming brittle.

4. Low allergy risk level

The powder used to in the manufacture of some gloves can cause allergies.

However, in some others the entire procedure is different since a chlorinated finish is added during manufacture enabling easy donning and doffing instead of using powder.

As a result, you should look for type of gloves that offer an allergy-free experience as well as low friction performance, resulting in higher quality.

5. High puncture resistance

All gloves manufactured should have high tear resistance in order to maintain high performance levels and heavy duty.

Some standard gloves have a high tear resistance level that makes them a perfect choice for protection against sharp items that you might face during washing the internal parts of your car or for hard mechanical tasks.

For example, it has been proven that the tear resistance of nitrile gloves is 4 times higher than latex gloves.

Furthermore, it has been noticed that the detection of holes in nitrile gloves is easier than in latex gloves. Therefore, nitrile gloves are highly recommended for this task to avoid any chemical exposure.

What type of gloves should I wear?

There are many glove types that could help you achieve your task.

However, if you are looking for a glove type that could have all of the previously mentioned features, therefore, you should go for the following options. Keep reading!

1. Disposable Pro nitrile glove

Yes!” I have to start with the pro-nitrile gloves type because it almost provides all the mentioned features.

The most important feature is that it provides high chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals.

Therefore, you will be completely secure against chemicals that might cause skin dermatitis or burns.

Above all, it has a high puncture resistance and waterproof feature, which helps you finish your car wash task in a very easy way without the fear of any chemical or water leakage into your hands.

Thanks to its composition, it is free of powdered latex that usually causes skin allergies in some people, making them unwilling to put on their gloves during their car wash or even for those who are working in centers that offer car washing service.

In addition, it provides a high level of comfort! These gloves are in high demand for your staff because they allow for safe handling of cleaning products and sponges, or if you have a large workforce and want to avoid any work injury compensation due to chemical exposure.

2. Reusable nitrile glove

In fact, nitrile gloves are also offered in the form of reusable gloves so that you can buy a pair and use them for a long time.

These types of gloves can provide the same features that could be provided by the disposable ones.

In addition, it could be more beneficial since some companies provide these gloves with pointed tips that could help you in the middle of your car washing tasks, as it will allow you to catch a call and use your phone because the touch screens will work.

Therefore, if you are looking for a glove that can provide all the nitrile glove perfect features and you can use them once again, you should go for this option.

3. Industrial reusable glove

Actually, those who are not allergic to powder can go for the industrial gloves that are commonly used for dishwashing tasks.

These pairs of gloves are commonly more expensive than nitrile disposables since you can get a pair that will last for a considerable time.

In addition, these types of gloves are perfect for cold weather if you are facing a big problem with car washing tasks during winter and cold weather since they are made of thick material.

From the user’s reviews, you can find that they are perfect. However, they are quite thicker than nitrile gloves, making the process of handling car washing products or sponges quite hard.

How about car wash mittens?

When it comes to car wash tasks, people always remember and ask for car wash mittens!

What is the difference between gloves and mittens?

Which is better, the glove or the mittens for car wash tasks?

What to choose for my hand protection as well as carrying the task effectively and many other questions Keep reading if you would like to know more!

First, let’s start with “What is the difference between car wash gloves and mittens?”

Generally, gloves are manufactured with a design that consists of finger openings that allow your fingers to fit into these openings and a sheath that covers your hand palm.

On the other hand, you will find that the mittens are manufactured with a design that has one opening where you can place your fingers directly into, and some other mittens have a design that allows your thumb finger to be placed in one space and the rest in another space.

Some mitten wearers claim that they feel warmer than hand gloves while wearing them.

Second, which one is more good in terms of freedom of movement?

Due to the fact that car wash mittens have only one space where your hand can fit directly.

As mentioned, you will find that some users have reported that they experienced hand movements that they do not usually experience while using car wash gloves due to the finger opening spaces found within them.

So, gloves are much better than mittens.

Third, which one is better in terms of breathability?

Actually, you will find out that gloves are much more breathable than mittens since some mitten users stated that they faced sweating-related problems when they used them.

So, gloves are much more breathable than mittens.

Fourth, which one is good in terms of warmth?

As previously mentioned, the design of mittens allows your fingers to stick together, in contrast to gloves that separate your fingers. In fact, when fingers stick together, this allows warmer conditions than separation.

Some mitten wearers claim that they feel warmer than hand gloves while wearing them.

So, if you are facing cold weather and it’s really cold outside, you can go for the mitten option.

Fifth, which one offers more protection?

Definitely, hand gloves that are designed to deal with chemicals that could pose an adverse effect on your skin and cause severe damage.

Final thoughts…

Actually, by now you almost have an overview of the most common features that should be present in any glove for your car washing task.

Moreover, you already know the difference between gloves and mittens, so the choice is yours because you are the one who has an overview of the whole process.

As we said, we will provide a guide and you will choose!

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