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Grow Your Distribution Business By Adding Medrux Disposable Gloves Exclusively in Your Portfolio!

Expand your portfolio with disposable gloves and maximize your profits!

We are actively serving in 10 countries and looking to distribute in your region!

Disposable gloves are an evergreen business and will always have a steady growth.

If you are interested don't hesitate to reach out today and talk to our expert.

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Our profound due diligence, extraordinary dedication and meticulous quality assurance and quality control have granted us the expertise to provide – not only the most high-end quality gloves but at the most competitive price to support our partners in their market.

Plenty of our partners – from retailers to distributors, from medical to industrial, from government to private sectors – all has been able to achieve their desired outcome with MEDRUX gloves.

We Love What We Do

Why Partner With Medrux?

We support our partners with top-notch yet cost-effective products, for them to gain a competitive advantage in their respective market. Unlock great ROI in disposable gloves!

Part of MEDRUX family culture is FAST & ACCURATE. We prioritize your needs and make sure we are always at your service. Amazing responsiveness & warm customer service is what MEDRUX stands for! 

Glove expert, that’s who we are. We have in-house experts who are ready to welcome any questions related to disposable gloves.

We are 100% confident in our gloves. Hence, we offer quality guarantee to our clients.

We always check on our distributors to see if they are on track with their sales and providing full technical support. 

What Type of Gloves We Specialize in?

Medical Examination Disposable Gloves
Heavy Duty Disposable Gloves
Sterile Surgical Gloves

Our Best-selling Products

Latex Examination Powder Free MEDRUX Box
Nitrile Examination Gloves MEDRUX box Packaging 100pcs per box
MEDRUX PRO 8 mil nitrile orange
8 mil nitrile gloves black heavy duty

Registration & Certifications

We are aware every country has its on specific requirements and regulations to follow. And It’s very critical our potential distributors are aware of their country requirements and regulations.

Once our distributors have the required check list of the requirements needed to register Medrux gloves. There will be a dedicated officer from Medrux to facilitate with all the requirements until it’s fulfilled and the product is registered.



As one of the leading disposable glove company in Malaysia, our main focus is ALWAYS ON OUR CUSTOMERS – whoever they maybe, from government to private sectors, end-user to distributors, medical to industrial users. We practice the most stringent quality control with the most competitive price to be able to support our various kinds of customers.

We protect our end-users with gloves that provide barrier against harmful substance & we support our distributors/wholesalers/retailers with the most competitive price, allowing them to have an edge and better margin in their respective market.

We support our distributor with any material they need in their glove business – from samples to marketing materials to any documents related, to support them in their business. We are TRANSPARENT in what we do. We have in-house experts open for consultation and published articles HERE, to give them extra knowledge in gloves.

Our due diligence has been perfected in order for us to NOT MISS any glove-related information.

Our samples are Free-Of-Charge (FOC). Let us know the samples you would like to receive, provide us with your address & and we would arrange & have the samples couriered to you accordingly.

Mode of payment depends on the quantity of your order. However, generally our mode of payment follows the industry standard. We offer 50-50 payment terms, in which 50% deposit to start the production with remaining balance of 50% to be paid after product is completed.

Depends on the readiness of our gloves. When ‘ready-stock’ are available, it takes15 days for it to be ready to be packed and loaded in the container. When a product is on a pre-order basis, it would take 25 days for the product to be ready.