Every EN374 Glove User Needs To Be Familiar With The Chemical Protective Standards

Having sufficient safety against chemical and microbial agents is what we all looking for in many different situations that we usually count on even a daily basis either professional or non-professional activities of everyday life. Whether you work in agriculture (pesticides), medicine (pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, blood samples), industry (coatings, chemicals, petro-chemicals), the home (paints, cleaning agents, […]

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When To Say Medical Nitrile Gloves Complies With ASTMD 6319?

When we Google the most prevalent type of glove used on the market today, we usually discover nitrile gloves at the top of the search result list. The primary cause of this is the replacement of numerous types of gloves with nitrile gloves…why? Nitrile gloves in a glance! They are a type of glove composed […]

A Comprehensive Guide on EN420 For Gloves & Why Is It Changed To EN ISO 21420

When it comes to personal protective equipment, gloves are the most often used due to their relevance in many sectors. Whether you’re working with microbiological samples in the lab, chemicals in the industrial or pharmaceutical fields, or thermal or mechanical items, you’ll need gloves that provide strong protection against all types of hazardous materials, and […]