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Yummylooks Sdn. Bhd. (“the Company”) would like to inform you of the Company’s privacy policy. In order to protect your personal information, you agree that the Company will collect, use and disclose (collectively, “use the information” or “use of the information”) in accordance with the detailed conditions specified in the Personal Information Protection Policy and the letter of consent. This consent follows

1. Definitions

“Personal Information” means information about an individual that enables the person to be identified directly or indirectly. But not including the information of the deceased in particular

“You” means the owner of the personal information who gave consent.

“Other companies in the same group” means companies that the Company Holding shares of that company Or that company holds shares of the Company

“Cookie” means a small data file that is used to store information about the website user by which a website will send a cookie to your computer or device while you are using the website. A web site with cookies that will expire as soon as you close the browser and which will remain on your computer or device until you delete the cookies.


The Company will use your information (a) for the purposes stated in this consent letter and / or (b) as required by law. By giving consent in accordance with Article (a), you can withdraw your consent at any time. But withdrawal of consent will not affect the consent you previously provided.

3. Acquisition of personal information

  • Personal information received directly from you
  • Information obtained from other sources
  • Information from the website (such as social media sites)
  • Other information collected by communication technology

The Company may use cookies to better facilitate your use, but you can disable or reject the installation of cookies by setting the settings on the computer or device you use. But please be aware that doing so may result in your inability to use the Company’s website. Have or limited use

4. Types of Personal Information We Collect

  1. Name-Surname
    • To verify identity
    • To serve
    • To promote sales and marketing
    • To inform news and update new information such as newsletters, questionnaires
  2. Phone number
    • For contact
    • To serve
    • To promote sales and marketing
    • To inform news and update new information such as newsletters, questionnaires
  3. ID card number
    • To verify identity for service or communication
    • To detect and prevent fraud by the actions of malicious persons
  4. Email Address
    • For contact
    • To communicate with you about your existing account with the company such as confirmation of registration for opening a new account.
    • To serve
    • To promote sales and marketing
    • To inform news and update new information such as newsletters, questionnaires
  5. Postal address for sending letters, books, and other notices
    • For contact
    • For delivery of various types of documents / materials / items
    • To serve
    • To promote sales and marketing
    • To inform news and update new information such as newsletters, questionnaires
  6. image
    • To confirm your identity
    • To use for displaying your pictures
  7. Date of birth
    • To confirm your age
    • To be used in the development of products and services to better suit and meet your needs.
  8. Purchase History / Warranty
    • To keep as evidence showing the purchase of products or receiving services of the company
    • To keep as evidence of the company’s product warranty
  9. Location information
    • To confirm your identity

5. Consent to use the information

  • You agree that the company Collect personal information and information about how you use the service And consent to the company to send, transfer, use and / or disclose personal information To other companies Affiliated auditors, internal auditors and external auditors of the company Financial institution Government agency The assignee of the claim and / or any juristic person or any person with whom the Company is a party or has relations / legal relations both in Malaysia and abroad as necessary and appropriate for the purpose of selling products, providing data analysis services. Improve the quality of products or services To investigate transactions that may indicate fraud and / or for any other purpose relating to the sale of goods or providing services between you and the Company and / or to comply with applicable government laws or regulations.
  • You agree that any document Whatever the company Has been produced or collected in connection with personal information or has personal information recorded on it, even though it is written on paper. Records as electronic documents and / or other media They are considered valid and legally binding documents and evidence, even if you have not signed them.

6.Marketing communications

The company may send a letter. News release And other types of communication Both in the form of paper documents and electronic documents to promote the Company’s marketing activities. Or inform other news Related to the company However, if you do not wish to receive such information, you can opt out of receiving such marketing materials by way of and process specified in the documents submitted.

7. Period of retention of personal information

The company will collect personal information only as necessary (1) for the purpose of use of the information, (2) as required by law, and / or (3) as technically necessary.

8.Security of information

The company will take reasonable precautions in safeguarding the security of personal information by adhering to the correct methods and principles to prevent third parties. (Without legal rights) to access personal information However, you agree that no security system can completely prevent the leakage of personal information. And if you have any reason to suspect that the Company’s personal information security system Is defective or is at risk of leakage of personal information You can notify the company You can know immediately through the contact channels specified in Article 11.

9. Your rights

In granting your consent to use your personal information, you have the following rights:

  1. Right to access personal information
  2. The right to withdraw the consent provided in this letter. (According to the method specified in item 2)
  3. The right to disclose the acquisition of personal information for which you have not given your consent.
  4. The right to obtain personal information stored on an automated device in the event that the personal data controller has made the personal data in a format that can be read or generally used by a work tool or device. Automatically And can use or disclose personal information by automated means, as well as having the right to obtain personal information about you or request the personal data controller to send or transfer such personal information to the personal data controller Other parties, when this is able to do so by automated means, or to obtain the Personal Data that the Data Controller has sent or transferred the Personal Data in such form directly to another Data Controller, except where technically not possible.
  5. Right to object to collection, use or disclosure of personal information
  6. Right to request the controller of personal information to delete or destroy or make the personal information the non-personally identifiable information subject to the personal data subject.
  7. Have the right to request the data controller to suspend use of the information.
  8. Have the right to request the controller of the personal information to keep the personal information accurate, current, complete and not misleading.
  9. Has the right to lodge a complaint in the event that the Data Controller, including employees or contractors of the Data Controller, violates or fails to comply. Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 or announcements issued under the said Act

(You can find more details on this subject in Personal Data Protection Act 2019)

10. Other Matters

  • This Personal Data Protection Policy and Consent is governed by Malaysia law.
  • The company has the right to amend, change and update the personal information protection policy as specified by the company. As appropriate, you can check the latest privacy policy at the Company’s website.

11. Channels of contacting the company

If you wish to contact the company In matters relating to various rights Of your person as specified in this policy You can contact the following channels.

Email Address: client@medrux.com
Postal address:
Yummylooks Sdn. Bhd.

Unit 27, 3A-01A, Glo Damansara, 699, Jalan Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 KL, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur