10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Deerskin Gloves, Here Is Your Perfect Guide

Deerskin gloves

Deerskin gloves are a special kind of natural leather gloves.

If you’re a motorcycle driver, gardener, or looking for an elegant pair of gloves to help keep your hands warm in the winter.

Deerskin gloves are simply for you!

Deerskin gloves are made of deerskin leather, taken from the hide of a deer.

Historically, deerskin leather was trendy among the Native Americans and the American frontier culture for centuries in everyday items like clothing, moccasins, bookbinder,, and gloves.

Deerskin was also a very profitable leather, as it was one of the most essential trading materials between European colonials and Native American tribes.

Nowadays, deerskin is used in many industries, like the fashion industry and designers of luxury bags, shoes, and coats.

And is considered the favorite in the world of gloves for the many great features it possesses

In this article, we are going to talk about how deerskin gloves are made and how you can look after them.

Moreover, we will go through the most amazing facts about them.

Let’s begin.

How are deerskin gloves made?

First, deer hide, like all animal skins, goes through a process called “Tanning.”

After removing all the hairs, grease, and salts and being soaked in water for several days, deerskin is chemically treated to turn it into the leather used in the manufacturing process.

What happens in this process?

In this process, the structure of the skin is permanently altered to be more durable and less susceptible to decomposing and coloring..

To make deerskin gloves, there are four main stages after tanning.

Inspection; the leather is inspected well for any defects or scratches. Powdering: deerskin is powdered and dampened to make it the most elastic.

Cutting; first, it’s table cut, then stretched to go through machine cutting. Machine cutting is a precise process where the deerskin is cut carefully and marked into size forms to get the perfect fit for the gloves..

Stitching; using specific stitches, stitch the two cut pieces together along the lining

Ironing; Finally, the deerskin gloves are ironed to remove any wrinkles and give them the elegant shape that excels in

That’s how the deerskin gloves are made and delivered to you.

Now, Let’s take a closer look at why we love these gloves and what’s so special about them. Here are ten astonishing facts about deerskin gloves.

Ten mind-blowing facts about deerskin gloves!

  • Deerskin gloves are exquisitely soft.

Gloves generally should be soft so they don’t irritate hands, mainly if they are meant to be worn for a long time.

Deerskin gloves are famous for their ultra-soft, spongy feeling.

The leather isn’t usually treated with waxes or coatings; it’s naturally supple.

They’re the softest, most supple gloves you can put your hands into.

Moreover, they get softer as they age.

This means that the more you wear your deerskin gloves, the more comfortable they get.

If your gloves are harsh or you suffer from rashes due to wearing your gloves, click here for more on how to treat this rashes..

  • Deerskin gloves have astonishing ability to stretch

Deerskin can stretch to fit everyone’s hands! It perfectly stretches to suit your skin.

Almost molding themselves to your skin, Deerskin gloves can stretch widthwise considerably. Hence, they snugly fit around your hand.

In other words, they expand with your hands as you make a fist or grip and hold on to something.

Yet, their fingers won’t get floppy overtime because they have a little lengthwise stretching.

We recommend you get a tighter size when buying your deerskin gloves, as they can widely stretch and fit.

  • These gloves have superior finger dexterity..

Deerskin gloves offer the best dexterity for supreme fit. Due to their infamous softness and remarkable ability to stretch, they are super comfortable to wear.

In addition to comfort, they offer an excellent grip.


They snuggly fit your hand, providing a custom fit without hindering your hand movement, so it offers a great range of hands motion needed for many tasks.

  • Soft and stretchable yet, deerskin gloves are surprisingly durable

Although it’s smooth and lightweight, deerskin is one of the toughest hides.

Scandinavian foresters used original deerskin gloves for thousands of years as they endured harsh environmental conditions like extreme cold and heavy rain.

Hence, it’s not new for deerskin gloves to have such excellent durability.

Additionally, because deerskin has elongated interwoven fibers, they have high strength and abrasion resistance.

Because they’re solid and durable, they don’t tear or rip easily and live a long time.

  • They are water friendly..

Deerskin gloves are water repellent; they have intrinsic water repelling properties.

This is an excellent feature. Why?

When getting wet, most leather types become stiff after drying.

But deerskin gloves don’t!

They will not dry stiff like other leather types even if they get wet.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re waterproof, although some types ocan be treated

Also, that doesn’t mean you should wash them every now and then.

Why not?

Because if you soak them in water for a long time, when this water evaporates, it takes away the leather’s natural oils, wweakening the leather and makingit more fragile.

Over cleaning your deerskin gloves might end up running them. They might start getting darker and have a gooey surface, so you must know how to look after them and when.

  • Deerskin gloves are weather-friendly

Deerskin gloves are the warmest of them all!
Not only can they keep your hands warm in the coldest winters, but they can also keep them cool in the hottest summers.

Deerskin’s natural fibers trap the air inside, keeping the gloves light, calm, and breathable.

On the other hand, they are good heat insulators. Thus, it helps to keep the warmth within in cold weather. That’s why it’s used more commonly in winter gloves.
So, whenever the season is, deerskin gloves are there to save the day.

  • They are the best for drivers’ gloves.

Some say that the best motorcycle and driving gloves are made of deerskin.
They’re soft, comfortable, and protective.

Thus, give the riders a pleasant ride without worrying too much about their fingers blistering, skin getting roughened or movement hindered by the weight of the gloves.

BThey aremuch more flexible and breathable, with superior finger dexterity, mmakingthem a better choice than general leather gloves.

Protecting your palms from abrasions is essential for motorcycle riders.
Abrasions and having your hand on the wheel for too long can cause your palm to blister.
Motorcycle deerskin gloves help protect your hands against dirt from the road, bugs, the sun and weather.

Because of their high abrasion resistance, they can protect in the event of a fall.
In addition, they have elegant designs.

Combining all of these unique qualities, you will not find a motorcycle driver who doesn’t have a pair of deerskin gloves.

  •  Deerskin gloves can be multi-functional with versatile uses

WDDeerskingloves are widely used in different fields. with all their exceptional features,  with all their exceptional featuresAlthough they are soft and lightweight, deerskin gloves are strong and durable.

Thus, they can be used in heavy duty industries such as welding and construction.

Moreover, they can be used in light wight duty industries because they have good abrasion resistance.

With their fantastic dexterity and durability, they can be used in gardening, landscaping, power tool usage, hand tool usage and equipment operations.

Furthermore, deerskin gloves have always been a widely preferred choice in men’s accessories as they combine a luxury look and great strength, perfect for our more casual styles. Deerskin gloves are elegant and used widely in the fashion industry.

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  •  The more you care, the longer they will live

As we have seen, deerskin gloves are very soft and delicate. 

Taking care of your deerskin gloves is vital, it helps maintain them clean, neat and ready for the next time you need them.

All leather gloves will age and change with time, but high-quality deerskin gloves will beautifully age and last for years with the proper care.

The less you treat your deerskin gloves the more weathered they look. The more you treat them, the cleaner and more polished they can look.

How frequently you clean your gloves will depend on how often you use them.

For example, if you used them daily, giving them a good wipe once per month is preferred.

  • You can use cleaners and conditioners too!

It’s usually a good idea to use water-based leather cleaner and Leather conditioning lotion that are specific to deerskin leather a few times per year.

You might ask why should I use a leather cleaner?

Cleaningyour deerskin gloves with a specific cleaner,will help preserve their breathability, softness, and quality of leather

What about leather conditioners?

Your skin needs to be moisturized sometimes; second skin fitting deerskin gloves deserves the same. 

Leather conditioner gives the leather the essential nutrients to help keep it soft, supple and flexible.

The good thing about Deerskin gloves is that they do not need frequent conditioning. Amazingly, they need the opposite.


Just like washing too much, conditioning them leather too much can actually alter the texture and possibly harm the leather.

Just like when trying a new product on your skin, you first need to try a sample test on a small area of your hand before applying it.

It’s the same with deerskin gloves.

Make sure to test the cleaner or conditioner on a small portion of your gloves, preferably one that is not clearly visible, such as the tips of the cuff.

So, you can decide whether you like how this product looks on your gloves before applying it to the entire pair.

Now that you’ve read all these amazing facts about deerskin gloves, you probably want to keep them forever.
Well, nothing lasts forever, but as we mentioned above, you can extend their life and have them for a very long time! with proper care, Let’s see how to properly care for your deerskin gloves.

How to care for and store your gloves?

First, there are some tips to consider and keep in mind when caring for your deerskin gloves:

  • Don’t use too much water
  • A good wipe per month is enough for a good cleaning
  • Specific deerskin glove cleaners and conditioners can be used a few times a year to keep them looking polished

Indeed all of these tips can be applied to many types of leather gloves, but each class could have specific instructions for proper care.

Let’s see together how to clean deerskin gloves properly.

If you’re hand washing them:

Put some cool water and mild detergent in a small bowel.

Soak a clean cloth into the bowel and gently rub it on the surface of the gloves to remove any dirt or stains. Avoid using too much water.

Take another damp clean cloth and wipe the gloves off the water and soap. It’s preferred to use a microfiber cloth.

  • Let them flat dry slowly in the room air. Avoid twisting or wringing gloves to dry
  • Avoid using a hair dryer or placing them on a radiator because it could ruin the fabric.

If your deerskin gloves are washable, you’ll machine wash them:

  • Fill the washing machine with lukewarm water and set it on the delicate cycle.
  • Add mild detergent. Don’t use bleach or other hard detergents.
  • Allow them to air dry or run the dryer on the air cycle.

All Clean?

Now, it’s time to store them!

How you store your deerskin gloves affects a great deal of how healthy they can be?

When it comes to the storage of deerskin gloves, breathability is crucial. It keeps the mildew away and allows moisture to pass through and evaporate without harming the leather.

To protect them from dust but in the same time allowing them to breathe well (to have good ventilation), A soft cloth bag is your perfect choice to do such a thing.

Don’t store your deerskin leather gloves in a plastic bag!

Why not?

A plastic bag will hinder the leather’s breathability and eventually cause the degradation of the quality

The bottom line is, 

Deerskin gloves are the softest and warmest gloves out there.

They fit your hand like a second skin as they have extraordinary elasticity and stretchability without getting floppy over time.

Despite being more expensive than cowhide gloves, for example, they offer excellent characteristics!

In addition to offering great dexterity, deerskin gloves have good abrasion resistance, making them motorcycle drivers’ favorite.

Furthermore, they dry quickly and don’t get stiff or rigid when getting wet; they’re easy to clean.

It is offering warmth in winter and coolness in the summer due to its insulating properties.

Looking after your pair of gloves, properly storing them and conditioning them with the right products can tremendously enhance their lifespan.

We’ve reached the end of our article, we hope you know have all the information you need about deerskin gloves…send us if you want to know more about it; we’re here to answer all your questions.

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