5 Benefits and 5 Uses for Aloe Vera gloves: Check now

Aloe Vera gloves

The glove industry has been in constant progress. This progress aims to provide you with the safest and most comfortable gloves. Moreover, aloe vera gloves manage to combine those two essential features.

You have probably heard about aloe vera gloves and are wondering what they are.

Throughout this article, we will tell you all about these gloves. We will explain why you should consider using this type of gloves. 

Additionally, you will learn about aloe vera gloves’ cosmetic, medical, and industrial use. We will also examine the key features of these gloves available in the market.

We will discuss the benefits of aloe vera and see if aloe vera-infused gloves provide protection. Then, we will review the glove manufacturing process. Finally, we looked over the glove’s different materials.

What is an aloe vera glove?

They are disposable gloves that are internally coated with aloe vera. These gloves are manufactured to gradually release aloe vera to maintain the skin’s hydration.

Therefore, these gloves can protect the skin from cracking and dryness. These gloves are sold for industrial, medical, and cosmetic use.

Why use aloe vera gloves?

Our skin is the first line of protection we have. It shields us from cold and hot weather, chemicals, and pathogens. Therefore, it needs to remain intact and be protected itself. 

Thus, we must wear gloves if our work environments endanger our skin integrity.

However, wearing gloves for a long time can cause the hands to sweat. This can create a media between the glove and the hand where bacteria can grow. 

Consequently, this might not only cause skin irritations but can lead to contact dermatitis as well.

Additionally, your skin might suffer if you work in a profession where you must regularly change gloves. 

For instance, medical care workers are required to change gloves between patients. They must also wash and disinfect their hands before donning the new ones. 

Therefore, they are more prone to suffer from cracked and dry skin.

Aloe vera gloves offer optimum moisturizing for both medical and industrial use.


Regular gloves can cause contact dermatitis, dry skin, and irritation. Therefore, these gloves are recommended for those who wear gloves regularly. They are also recommended for those who have sensitive skin.

What types of aloe vera gloves are there?

As previously mentioned, these gloves can be used medically and industrially. Additionally, they are used as a treatment for dry skin.

  • Aloe vera gloves for cosmetics use

This type of gloves is usually called moisturizing gloves. It contains a layer of medical-grade aloe gel that helps soften the skin. 

Additionally, some of these gloves are disposable. However, they are mostly manufactured to be used more than once. 

Here are some features of aloe vera moisturizing gloves:

  1. They are used to treat eczema and dryness due to diabetes.
  2. Other vitamins and oils can be added to these gloves.
  3. The reusable gloves are made from cotton to provide a spa-like treatment.
  4. The reusable gloves can be washed up to 20 times before the aloe vera effect fades.
  5. The gloves are sold in one free size for men and women.  


Moisturizing gloves are used to provide a spa-like treatment at home. They can be hand-washed and used up to 20 times. Additionally, they are guaranteed to provide softer skin.

  • Aloe vera gloves for medical use 

You might think that medical gloves can’t be coated internally with anything. However, you are mistaken.

Medical-grade gloves can be manufactured according to local FDA instructions. Then, they can be coated with aloe vera. Studies proved that the internal coating doesn’t affect the protective properties of the glove.

Additionally, aloe gloves are perfect for healthcare workers. According to the WHO, 7 to 15% of hospital patients acquire an infection while being treated.

Thus, the WHO stresses the importance of using PPE. This includes using disposable gloves during examinations, treatment, and surgical procedures. 

Also, healthcare workers are required to follow protective procedures.

This means they must wash their hands before donning and after duffing gloves. Therefore, this frequent handwashing can lead to dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, and chapped skin.

Consequently, this can make healthcare workers reluctant to follow protective procedures. However, using examination and surgical aloe vera gloves solves this problem.

  • Examination of aloe vera gloves

They are used in ERs, dental offices, and even for minor procedures. They are manufactured using latex, nitrile, and vinyl. Therefore, the gloves can resist punctures and mild chemicals and protect the doctor and the patient.

  • Surgical aloe vera gloves

These gloves are sold in pairs. They are tested to ensure that adding aloe vera doesn’t affect the glove’s integrity.

Additionally, aloe vera coats the entire inner surface of the glove. Therefore, the body’s heat and humidity reactivate the aloe vera and lead to its gradual release. 


Healthcare workers must follow protective procedures to ensure the safety of their patients. However, this subjects them to some dangers. 

Thus, aloe vera gloves provide healthcare workers with the protection they need from dermatitis, eczema, and chapped skin. 

Additionally, these gloves are not only available for examination use but also surgical procedures.

  • Aloe vera gloves for industrial use 

Workers in factories can also use these gloves for cleaning and janitorial work and in spas.

Workers must wear gloves for an extended duration of time. Thus, these gloves can offer them the protection they need without harming their skin. 

Additionally, these industrial gloves can be textured to offer a firmer grip. They are made from nitrile, latex, or vinyl. Also, they have varied sizes to ensure snug fits. 

However, these gloves are not recommended in the food industry.


Aloe vera gloves can be used in the industrial field to protect workers who use gloves all day long. They are manufactured using various materials and come in various sizes. 

Some features of industrial and medical aloe vera gloves

  • Sterile and non-sterile aloe vera gloves are available
  • Powder-free
  • Low in protein (lower risk of latex sensitivity)
  • Internally coated with polymers to ease donning
  • Non-chlorinated to avoid yellowing
  • Effective in protecting from pathogens
  • Available in different colors (pink, green, blue, purple, white)


Medical and industrial aloe vera gloves provide an appealing alternative to regular disposable gloves.

What are the benefits of aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a succulent plant, and its use goes back to ancient civilizations. This magical plant proved it can provide certain benefits to the skin. For instance, ancient Egyptians called it the plant of immortality. 

Additionally, aloe vera is 90% water, so it’s a great moisturizer. Also, the plant is rich in vitamins and minerals, like vitamins A, C, E, and B12. It is also rich in calcium, selenium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

Benefits of using aloe vera

Aloe vera has several benefits that make it the perfect skin care product. Here are some of these benefits:

  • Moisturizing

As previously mentioned, the plant is full of water. Thus, it provides the skin with moisture and helps it retain it. Therefore, it makes the skin look refreshed and young.

  • Soothing

The effects of aloe vera soothe skin irritations. This can reduce redness and inflammation.

  • Antioxidizing

The plant is rich in minerals, vitamins, and polyphenols. These ingredients act as antioxidants that protect the skin from different environmental conditions. 

Additionally, this can reduce dark spots found on hands. 

  • Gentle 

Aloe vera is one of the few cosmetics used on almost all skin types. 

  • Anti-aging 

The plant of immortality was used by ancient Egyptian queens to fight wrinkles. It reduces fine lines and makes the skin glow. 


Aloe vera plant has a soothing, moisturizing, anti-aging, and gentle effect on the skin. The immortality plant has been used by several ancient civilizations to preserve the skin.

Are aloe vera gloves practical?

You might be wondering now about the effectiveness of these magical gloves. Worry not; we have the answer to your question.

Aloe vera gloves were tested on female workers in a factory. Some workers suffered from skin conditions like erythema, fissures, and excoriations. These women stated that their conditions are a result of their work conditions.

Therefore, they were asked to wear a single aloe glove in one hand for 8 hours each day. And the other hand remained glove free. The experiment lasted for 30 days.

Afterward, their hands were examined to determine the effect of aloe vera gloves. It was found that after 4 days, there was a mild improvement in the gloved hand. 

However, the study revealed that it takes 10 days for aloe gloves to make a remarkable improvement. 

Finally, study(1) showed that aloe vera gloves are beneficial in reducing wrinkles. Additionally, they provide a relieving effect for erythema and contact dermatitis. 

Also, they were found to preserve the skin’s integrity.


Aloe vera gloves gradually release aloe vera gel to the skin to help preserve its integrity. They ensure the skin’s softness and protection against irritants. 

How are aloe vera gloves manufactured?

Well, the gloves are manufactured the same way disposable gloves are made. However, different glove materials require different drying techniques.

First, the glove material is liquified by the manufacturer.

Second, hand-shaped molds are dipped into the heated liquid.

Third, the molds are retracted. 

Fourth, the gloves are either cured (used for latex), or baked (used for nitrile and vinyl).

Finally, they are treated with powder, chlorination, or by using a polymer to facilitate donning.

But where is the aloe vera?… Aloe vera can be added to the gloves in two stages. 

The first is before they are molded, where it is mixed with the glove’s material. The second is after the glove is cured or baked.


All aloe vera gloves are manufactured in the same way. They are molded, dried, and then treated to facilitate donning. However, the aloe vera is added to the glove after drying or mixed in with the glove’s original material.

Latex Vs. Nitrile Vs. Vinyl 

Aloe vera gloves are found in different materials. The following table will help you determine which type of aloe vera gloves is suitable for your use. The materials include latex, nitrile, and vinyl.


Glove type

latex nitrile vinyl
advantages  Heat resistant Eco-friendly

High tactile sensitivity

High elasticity 

Non allergicPuncture resistant

Chemical resistant

Protective barrier against pathogens

Long shelf life

Cost-effective Non-allergic

Easier production

disadvantages Allergic Hard to detect material flaws

Low chemical resistance 

Lower tactile sensitivity More expensive


Non- biodegradable Lower protective barrier against pathogens

Lower elasticity 

when to use  Hospitals Cleaning industry 



Construction sites

Chemical labs

Food industry 

Tasks such as painting and light cleaning 

A wrap-up:

These gloves are internally coated with aloe vera gel. Then, the warmth of the human body releases the gel and provides moisture to the skin.

These gloves can be used as cosmetics or for medical and industrial use. Cosmetic aloe vera gloves are used to moisturize and nourish the skin. 

On the other hand, these medical gloves are used for regular examinations and surgical procedures. While industrial aloe vera gloves are used for janitorial, construction, and manufacturing purposes.

The use of aloe vera has proven effective in providing optimum protection against dry skin and dermatitis. Therefore, after reviewing the benefits of this type of gloves, you might consider them an alternative to regular gloves. 

Gloves infused with this magical moisturizer are perfect for protection and comfort. Thus, you should consider them for your profession.

First, you should determine the tasks you will perform while wearing the gloves. Then, examine the different glove materials. 

And finally, you will be able to make an informed decision.

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